H O W  I  W O R K

Photographers all have unique approaches, so it’s helpful to understand how I typically work on wedding days. This allows you to know what to expect from me so you can decide if my style and process seem like a good fit. I’m happy to explain how I flow throughout events, capture different moments, and work with couples. Please explore the questions I’ve provided to gain insight into how I work. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any clarification or have additional questions about how I capture the day’s memories. I want you to feel fully informed about my process and shooting style so you can make the best decision for your day.

F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

How I Work

  • How did you get started in Wedding Photography?

    My career as a wedding photographer began in 2005, and in the years since, I have been privileged to capture over 300 couples’ special days. Though every wedding is unique, some moments remain constant – the love between partners, the joy of gathering with loved ones, the tears and laughter that punctuate these momentous occasions. Even after photographing hundreds of ceremonies, I still get misty-eyed witnessing a couple’s vows and their loved ones’ reactions. Each wedding tells a different story, and I strive to document those stories in a photojournalistic, fine art style – focusing on authentic moments that will transport couples back to their wedding day for years to come. The photos of loved ones crying and laughing along with you will be treasured memories, capturing not just your wedding day but your distinctive love story. I feel honored to play a small role in preserving those memories for you to cherish.

  • What is your style of shooting on the wedding day.
    My goal as a wedding photographer is to capture authentic, emotional moments – the real, unscripted expressions of love that make your wedding day truly yours. I prefer to unobtrusively document your natural interactions and reactions throughout the day. Although I am highly skilled at posing when it counts (for example: during the creative session). The images I strive for are organic and heartfelt, not based on a Pinterest checklist or artificial poses. My minimal guidance on your wedding day is aimed at creating a beautiful, natural flow while allowing sincere emotions and connections to unfold. I want my photographs to evoke the distinctive beauty, joy, and meaning of your wedding by focusing on real, unforgettable moments. My objective is to tell the story of your love through images that take your breath away, with emotional, genuine moments that reveal the authentic essence of your special day. The photos I deliver will reflect your unique day as seen through my eyes – as an artist.

    My style strikes a balance between candid emotional moments and artfully composed portraits. With a relaxed, unobtrusive approach, I blend organically into the day’s events and interactions. Drawing from my experience in bridal fashion and fine art portraiture, I also try to use lighting to create dramatic, magical images at dusk.

    My goal is for couples to feel comfortable being themselves, such that raw emotions and natural moments unfold genuinely. By the end of the night, I like to have hugs and high-fives with my couples!

  • How do you approach the creative session?
    My approach to creative sessions is inspired by fine art photography, with the goal of capturing meaningful images you’ll be proud to display. My style ranges from joyful, candid photos in nature to meticulously crafted, dramatic creations. Drawing on my background in bridal and fashion photography, I use lighting and posing to create an evocative mood. My specialty is dramatic portraiture with a touch of magic. Whether we are running through the beautiful woods or finely crafting a photograph with natural or studio light, my priority is ensuring you feel comfortable so your personality and beauty shine through. My aim is to produce striking, personalized photographic art that captures you at your best. I try to create images you’ll love and treasure, something you’ll want to display on your wall for years to come.

  • How do you know what to capture on the day and what is important to us personally?
    Getting to know my clients as individuals is important to me so I can fully capture what matters most on their wedding day. By taking the time to learn about my couples’ relationships, plans, and priorities ahead of time, I gain invaluable insight into how to best tell their unique love story through my photography. My goal is to build trust so that when the wedding arrives, I understand what moments and emotions will be most meaningful and authentic to preserve. An open dialogue allows me to focus on capturing candid interactions, fleeting expressions, and quiet details that truly reflect the essence of each couple. The better I know my clients as people, the better I can interpret their vision into images that authentically honor their love, style, and what matters most to them. Developing a relationship is key so I can intuitively document their wedding day as the deeply personal celebration that it is.

  • As you were in a helicopter crash - how does you injury effect you as a photographer on the day?
    Though my path as a photographer has faced adversity, challenges have only strengthened my dedication to my craft. Some years back, a helicopter crash while shooting a wedding left me with a spinal injury that made headlines in New Zealand. Through physical training and perseverance, I’ve regained much mobility, yet certain limitations remain. I understand some may harbor doubts working with me due to my disability. However, I want to emphasize that my passion for photography drives me to deliver for every client, whatever it takes. My injury does not define me or my abilities. My goal is excellence in representing your love’s celebration, without compromise. Past hardships have only reinforced my work ethic and deep care for my clients. I may face extra obstacles, but my vision remains clear – to immerse myself fully into documenting your joy on this momentous occasion.

  • How many weddings do you photograph each year and do you do all the work yourself?

    To provide unmatched focus and care, I strictly limit the number of weddings I photograph each year. Shooting only 10-20 celebrations annually allows me to devote my full energy and attention to each couple. I never book more than one wedding per weekend, ensuring your special day has my undivided dedication. From start to finish, I am personally invested in capturing and delivering the highest quality images to represent your wedding. By selectively photographing and individually editing a small number of weddings per year, I can pour my all into providing an exceptional personalized experience. You will have my complete focus and commitment from capturing each moment to artfully finishing every photograph. My approach ensures you will receive an extraordinary set of images showcasing your wedding day story.

  • Do you do all the work yourself?
    I am always the primary photographer, however I typically work alongside my husband as a photography team. As a fellow artist, we collaborate seamlessly to get the ideal angles and coverage needed to document all your special moments. Our teamwork enables me to focus on composing each shot and capturing emotional expressions, while he assists with strategically lighting scenes and subjects. His support allows me to fully devote my attention to creating beautiful images that tell the story of your wedding celebration. My husband understands and complements my artistic vision so that together, we can deliver a stunning collection of photos tailored to you. Having a second photographer who knows my style so intimately is invaluable for achieving the perfect composition, lighting, and perspectives. You get the benefit of two artists devoted to flawlessly capturing your wedding day.

    I love to edit your entire collection myself, rather than outsourcing the work. This guarantees consistency with my artistic style and aesthetic. You can expect professional editing and processing tailored to bring out the best in every image.

  • What do you do in the case of emergency or an issue arises?
    You can count on me being your photographer unless an unexpected emergency arises. In the rare case that I absolutely cannot make your wedding, I will secure a replacement photographer who can adeptly capture your special day. In the hundreds of weddings I’ve shot, I’ve only needed a stand-in once due to extenuating circumstances. You can trust that your celebration is of the utmost importance to me. I will be there with enthusiasm and dedication to document your joy, barring only the most severe emergency scenarios. Even in those unlikely situations, I have connections within my professional network to call upon talented photographers across the country. Please be assured I will move mountains to be present at your wedding and, on the very slim chance that is impossible, will ensure you have a qualified professional ready to fulfill my role joyfully. Capturing your memories is a responsibility I take very seriously.

  • What does an average wedding photo set consist of - how many images?
    The number of photos delivered for each wedding varies based on the day’s events and flow. Since every celebration is unique, the final collection ranges from approximately 400+ photographs for partial coverage, to 600-900 photographs for Deluxe Complete coverage. The quantity depends on factors like the number of events, guests, and requested formal photos. Regardless of how the day unfolds, I will work closely with you to ensure the most important moments, emotions, and details are thoroughly captured.

  • What type of photography equipment do you use on the day?
    I shoot exclusively with state-of-the-art Sony mirrorless cameras and premium GM lenses. My standard wedding kit consists of 4 total camera bodies to ensure comprehensive coverage and redundancy. With multiple high-end Sony systems on hand, I have the versatility and backup needed to adeptly capture your big day. The superior autofocus, resolution, and low light capabilities of Sony allow me to consistently deliver crisp, vibrant, professional images. And carrying several backup cameras guarantees uninterrupted shooting, even if technical issues arise. I also carry various portable lighting tools to light my subjects in low light and to capture artistically lit images.

  • How long does it take to receive our wedding photographs?
    You can expect to receive your complete set of professionally edited wedding photos within 3-12 weeks after your wedding date. To tide you over until the full gallery is ready, I will deliver a selection of teaser photos the week following your wedding. This allows you to share high-quality images from our shoot right away, rather than relying on guest cell phone shots. My goal is to get you a small sneak peek set very quickly, so you have professional photos to cherish and circulate in the days after your celebration, while I devote the necessary time to perfectly edit the remainder. The full collection takes more time to complete to my high standards, but the teasers let you relive and showcase some favorite moments immediately. You won’t have to wait long for beautiful photos from our session.

  • Can you do payment plans?
    I understand wedding costs can add up, so I am happy to offer flexible payment plan options prior to your event. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss setting up an installment schedule that better fits your budget needs. My aim is to make high-quality photography accessible through customized plans tailored to your financial situation. I want you to be able to allocate funds gradually over time so you can reserve my services without overburdening your wedding budget. There are a variety of installments we can arrange based on what monthly amounts work best for you.

  • Do you share our photographs with anyone else?
    I love to do shoutouts of your day on social media as it’s a wonderful way to share with loved ones. I love to share as I am proud of what I capture and want to celebrate that with you. Occasionally, I blog them on my website, and sometimes submit them to New Zealand wedding magazines with your permission.

  • How do you dress on the day?
    We love black – typical discrete apparel, business sharp.

  • How do you get familiar with a location if you haven't been there before?

    If your wedding venue is new to me, I’ll typically do a scouting session before the big day to scope it out. That way I can explore the site and find some great spots to take photos when the wedding rolls around. I’ll get a feel for where the best lighting is at different times and make a game plan for where to capture the ceremony, portraits, candids, and all the big moments.  When it comes to ceremony locations, I’ve got you covered – doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional church wedding, backyard, ballroom bash, or outdoors in nature. Indoor or outdoor, huge or small, fancy or casual…I can adjust and shoot amazing photos of you and your partner tying the knot no matter what the setting is.

  • Do you take any creative input from us?
    I love hearing about any dream wedding photos you have in mind – please feel free to share your vision! I’ll take your goals and inspirations then add my own creative twist to make them truly special. In fact, in the weeks leading up to your big day, I’ll be brainstorming fun, artsy ways to capture you and your partner. My wheels will be turning nonstop dreaming up unique, meaningful photo ideas tailored just for you. I pride myself on customizing the experience around what matters most to each couple. Any requests or concepts you have are a gift – they get my creative juices flowing so I can develop ways to beautifully translate your dreams into photos you’ll treasure. Let’s chat soon about your ideal shots so I can start cooking up plans to make them a reality.

  • How do you handle issues with the weather?
    While dreary weather can dampen wedding days, I actually love photographing under moody skies and a light rain. There’s something magical about night shots under cloud cover and droplets – it adds depth and drama to images. However, I do suggest having a wet weather back-up plan to keep guests comfortable during the ceremony portion. Once the formalities are finished, a little rain can make for phenomenal, romantic portraits showing the two of you embracing the elements. The clouds and precipitation inject ambiance into night photos and allow me to get really creative. So although storms can be a challenge, don’t despair – a dark, stormy wedding day allows us to capture striking, cinematic memories you won’t get on a sunny afternoon. A “plan B” keeps guests happy, then we can step out and make some truly spectacular photos together under the clouds.

I N Q U I R E   W I T H   U S 

I’d love to chat with you about your day, lets grab coffee or have a quick chat over email or phone. I’d love to meet you both.